The season of sweltering heat and limitless fun is here and adventure enthusiasts couldn’t be more pleased. This was the theme of the day as members of the media had a few laughs and a whole lot of rays during Banana Boat’s Fun Under the Sun Media Relay Challenge.

FUN UNDER THE SUN. Members of the media and Banana Boat officers posed for posterity at the Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo, City.


With the sprawling grounds of Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo as their backdrop, participants channeled their inner child and went through one activity after another to feel the thrill of the outdoors and enjoy the experience under the protection of Banana Boat Sunscreen lotion.

“People want products that can keep up with their active lifestyle and products that won’t let them down and breakdown easily. Banana Boat Sunscreen lotion offers superior protection that fits any active lifestyle,” Banana Boat Sunscreen Brand Manager Kristine Benigno said.

The team relay started with a sport close to Filipino’s hearts, basketball. Each member had to go coast-to-coast from one goal to another and make a basket from both ends. While some were better than others, everyone had a blast dribbling down the court and jacking up shots at the ring.

It was then off to Loreland’s Blind Man’s trail for a run at a gauntlet of physically challenging obstacles. From the starting point, teams had to zigzag their way through the trail and obtain hidden Banana Boat sachets along the way.

The first part of the trail consists of participants crossing the sketchy See-Saw Bridge and shuffling their way through the Tire Hole obstacle. Navigating through the trail’s Wood Maze came next followed by a duck walk under the long and low tunnel of the Snake Pit.

It was on to the tricky Waffle Cross after as participants tip-toed their way through careful not to step on the color coded obstacle. After a tight squeeze through The Fence, members had their balance checked on the Bridge and Ropes obstacle which leads to a big swing on the course’s Tarzan Cross.

The next leg of the relay was more of a treat than a test. The challenge was to finish a glass of sweet and cool Halo-Halo. Although doing it after an exhausting run was a bit tricky, teams were more than willing to wolf each serving down. In no time at all, participants were on a mad dash to the finish podium where the team had to scream “Banana Boat!” to mark the final time.

Throughout the entire time, participants were exposed to the intense heat of the summer mid-day sun. However, armed with the superior protection offered by Sun-tested and Sun Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion products, everyone had no qualms spending time under the sun.
Formulated with its signature AvoTriplex technology, Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion provides three-way skin protection which immediately starts after application. “AvoTriplex formula is a technology which absorbs and stabilizes UV rays that is exclusive to Banana Boat products. It protects in three ways, NOW against sunburn with UVB (Ultra Violet-B) protection, LATER against long-term skin damage with UVA (Ultra Violet-A) protection and of course LONGER because it lasts longer than ordinary sunscreen products,” Benigno explained.

Full range of Banana Boat Sunscreen products consist of the Banana Boat Ultra Protect line available in SPF50 and SPF80 variants with Aloe Vera and Vitamin C & E. Banana Boat Sport line offers protection for athletes with its non-greasy, sweat and water resistant formula available in SPF50 and SPF110 which provides Banana Boat’s highest level of protection blocking out 99 percent of burning rays.

Kristine Benigno, junior brand manager Banana Boat and Claire Guevarra, Product Manager, Energizer Philippines.


Banana Boat Sunscreen versatile line include products every member of the family can enjoy. The Banana Boat Kids line offer Pediatrician-tested, mild, gentle and tear free protection available in SPF50. “Our vision is to be the leader in protective family sun care. Banana Boat is a family brand and we offer a wide range of products for you and your family,” Benigno said. “We want your family to enjoy memories under the sun. Because, as we all know, the best memories with kids and loved ones are spent outdoors,” she added.

The winning media team composed of Marlon Aldanese, Duane Dizon, Vic Vic Bautista and Bryan Garcua, with Banana Boat junior brand manager Kristine Benigno


It was all about taking in the glory of summer and with Banana Boat Sunscreen lotion, the family can take on the challenge full on. Because with Banana Boat, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

Banana Boat Sunscreen lotions are available at leading supermarkets, drugstores and health & beauty stores nationwide.