Name: Jeremy Emata

Birthday: May, 23



Hmm… What to say about myself? Well i’m a blogger, that ain’t no surprise right? haha!! Well my birthday is at the 23rd of May, my name is Jeremy. I blog about absolutely anything, i have yet to see an event that i didn’t blog about. I’m a techie, Engine head, and Photography kind of guy… What is is there to know? hmm… I into Rn’B, PoP, Dubstep, Classical, and Acoustical, more on the Rn’B and Acoustical thou’. I like all the genre’s of movies just not gore… Well maybe gore every once in awhile. I designed my blog myself, and i think thats practically everything that i want to say.

If you want to ask questions you can direct them to my “Contact Me” page above and select the proper category for your question, and i will get back to you as soon as possible or when i get the answer for it.

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