Star Trek logoI’ve recently wrote about my thought’s on Star Trek Into Darkness, and mentioned that i watched it both in IMAX 3D and regular 2D. I watched the 3D movie at SM North EDSA and the 2D at Gateway CinePlex 6, and i noticed something wrong for the 2D.

If you haven’t watched the movie, I recommend you don’t read this if you don’t like spoilers.Gateway Mall


Yes i know the quality wouldn’t be as good as IMAX but does that mean the length should be different?! Two to four scenes were not complete! as if they got their video reel was from some bloke in a trench coat on the street!!!

I can’t quite remember where the other scenes were but I’m sure there were at least two scenes that were broken, with a maximum of four.

stid-t5-25The one scene i can vividly remember is when the Vengeance crashed Spock ordered the crew to “search the enemy ship for signs of life” then Sulu responded. But instead at Gateway the scene started at the part where Sulu responded, and not where  Spock gave the order. The scene is broken by just a couple of seconds but it’s a couple of seconds that has got my attention and annoyed me the rest of the movie. There are a couple more scenes before that are broken but i can’t quite remember.

Star Trek Into Darkness our world will fall USS Enterprise damaged

Cinema projector 2 It may be a problem with their equipment or a problem with their copy, either one Gateway should investigate this problem even more. This happened on the 17th of May 2013 at the Block screen on 7PM.

Cinema projector