Juana Change Anti-EpalWho want’s to change? Change/remove the political ‘epal’ and corruption in the country? (The Philippines)

‘Juana ‘Change ( Mae Paner ) does and as a result, started to brainstorm with a group of artists and social activists, where finally they coin the idea of ‘Juana’ Change, but because of the lack of funding they decided to take advantage of the growing online presence of Filipino’s by making online videos that tackle hard political issues! And surprisingly this approach has been successful and the videos have gone viral.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyLf6A7lNGA]

Juana C. The Movie Theatrical Poster

Now that she has your attention, she is trying to get even more attention, and awareness You can stop corruptionby doing an Indie film with Laganap Productions. The move still tackles the same political issues and aims to raise awareness about the ‘epal’ and corruption in the Philippines, and on how you can help prevent it. Although it’s not a documentary style thing, but instead is political comedy with a massive SPLASH of SEXY!

Annicka Dolonius

Annicka Dolonius. She probably has the most captivating accent I’ve ever heard. In short? more of here please..

Juana C. the movie practically runs its boilers on sex, naughtiness, and sexiness! Full of puns, references, political bullshite..

The movie starts off with Juana Change a member of an indigenous community up in Northern Luzon, when she graduates high school and “unfortunately” enough got a scholarship to “Arrneowww de Manila University“ after the valedictorian of the school get’s reduced to… sensitive parts, before said valedictorian  can even fully accept the scholarship.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjNQWB7i5JA]

From then she uses her most abundant resource… her body, in order to get acceptance into  her new-found lifestyle. As she does that, she get’s dragged into the highly controversial  world of high paying, political chubby chasers.. Will she ever get out of this or is she already FUBAR?

JC group3

Partial main cast. More at the gallery at the end of the post.

The Movie will be shown in cinemas this coming June5, 2013. Will this movie “Vroom!

Nino Muhlach

Vroom! Vroom!

Really awkward writing this thing down… -.-“