Exam Trace LogoThe 70-451 exam is being offered my Microsoft as part of the criteria required for earning the title of Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Database Developer 2008. This exam will assess your knowledge of the skills required to design database strategies, database tables, designing programming objects, transaction & concurrency strategies, XML strategies, queries for performance, and designing a database for optimum performance.

This is a proctored exam that is available in English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese (Simplified). A wide array of exam topics will be covered and will include designing database models, identifying appropriate SQL server components required for business support, designing data models using the Entity framework, identifying usage of new data types, designing tables, designing T-SQL table-valued and scalar functions, designing CLR stored procedures, aggregates and types, evaluating special programming constructs, designing XML strategies, optimizing and tuning queries, analyzing execution plans, and designing database strategies for optimal performance. This is not an exhaustive list of topics, therefore, examinees should be prepared to address other topics not listed here.

Prior to taking this exam, it is preferred that candidates have work experience creating solutions in an enterprise environment that has over 500 personal computers and over 100 servers. Ideally, candidates will have experience with programming databases, writing transact SQL queries, and with tuning and optimization of databases. Please consult the Microsoft Certification website for more specific exam preparation suggestions.
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