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Make Grandparents’ day a month-long celebration with great Philips gift ideas for Lolo and Lola


September is when we recognize Grandparents’ Day but why not turn it to a month long celebration by giving our beloved Lolos and Lolas extra-special gifts from Philips?


We know them by many names—Inang, Itang, Nanay, and Itay, but they are most commonly referred to as Lolo and Lola. Beyond these names, they are our role models, mentors, and best friends who help keep our families together with their wisdom and affection.


“The family is always the focal point of Filipino culture,” shares RJ Buenaventura, General Manager for Philips Philippines Consumer Lifestyle sector. “And our grandparents are always there, playing an important part in our family life in one way or another.”


Pia Umayam, Business Development Manager for Philips Domestic Appliances, recalls: “Our grandparents typically shower us with gifts and affection at a young age—even taking our side whenever our parents were angry at us.”


She continues, “And what better way to show these special people that we equally value them with things that can make their lives healthier and much easier?”


This time, it’s our turn to take care of our Lolos and Lolas by helping them in aspects most important to them. Top of the list are ensuring their health, which you can easily do by providing them the right home partners.


A healthy, home-made meal


“Our Lolos and Lolas are at that stage in their lives when every food choice they make matters,” remarks Pia. “Their health is a top priority and as family, we need to help them make the right diet choices.”


Pia quickly points out, “And eating healthy doesn’t have to compromise taste.”


With the Philips kitchen collection, you can give your grandparents a treat that offers good taste and nutritional value. The Philips Slow Juicer, for instance, lets you make fresh nutrient-rich juices while retaining the core flavor of the fruit.


HR1830_03-RTP-global-001“The Slow Juicer uses innovative juicing technology that produces the right amount of pulp, foam, and texture to your homemade juice. What’s more, it’s easy-to-use features (single-button and feeding tray) make it the perfect kitchen companion even for our Lolo and Lola,” explains Pia.


To make the perfect main dish, you can give your grandparents the Philips food steamer. With stackable trays and removable bottoms, it is the ideal kitchen partner for Lola whenever she cooks up her favorite family recipes.


Pia shares, “Steaming is a great way to preserve the nutrients of food, as well as its flavors and juices. It even has a flavor booster that adds a shot of aroma of herbs and spices to your food.”

Easy Clean HX6511_50-A1P-global-001_highres

After eating, make sure that your grandparents maintain squeaky clean smiles with the Philips Sonicare EasyClean. This electric toothbrush comes equipped with its patented Sonicare technology that removes twice more plaque than a manual toothbrush.


Additionally, it comes with a dynamic cleaning action that effectively but gently reaches between the teeth and along the gum line.





A cleaner home


This September is also the perfect time to help Lola keep her home spick and span with the Philips bag-less vacuum cleaner, an innovative household appliance that has 20 percent higher suction power.


Pia describes, “It has a PowerCyclone 4 technology that promises a better clean, plus a pleated HEPA filter that catches microscopic vermin that usually causes allergy.”











14Air-Purifier-300x250You can also extend this level of cleanliness to the bedroom with the Philips air purifier, which sterilizes harmful agents in the air with a six-stage clean-air system. This appliance also helps control air quality and has zeolite filters that let it clean itself using active oxygen.


RJ concludes, “The experience, wisdom, and love that our grandparents provide enrich our family life. And this is the perfect month to show them how thankful we are of their presence in our lives.”


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