I have just watched a 35 Minute exclusive sneak preview of Star Trek Into Darkness in IMAX Digital 2D, and let me tell you… it was AMAZING… Well to say the least. It was just a taste of what is to come.

Human bonding rituals often involve a great deal of talking, and dancing, and crying.

-Worf to Data, on weddings, Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Data’s Day”

Unfortunately i can’t show you the footage unless you do an impressive mind meld with me, and that is of course if you are a Vulcan. Or maybe like the nerd group in The Sims 3 University, Mind Meld. Either way i won’t be letting you anyways.

Our minds, one and together…

-Ambassador Spock, 2009 Star Trek


Spock doing a Vulcan Mind Meld

This upcoming movie is Not Your Father’s Star Trek. Fan or not you will probably love this film, and who knows you might even become a convert after you finish watching! Do watch the 2009 film Star Trek, just so you have a storyline to link everything to, but it is not must as J.J. Abrams did say the this coming film can be watched as a standalone film.

Comparing this new film with the old Star Trek movies, it’s a no match, but who said the old movies are boring? I had to re watch older movies cause i can’t get enough Star Trek after that very shot Exclusive Sneak preview.

J.J Abrams

J.J Abrams

If you ever wanted to pretended to pilot a ship the size of the Starship Enterprise then you should definitely try the game X3 Terran Conflict with its expansion pack X3 Albion Prelude. If you are going to play any of those games, you better get on it cause there is a lot to learn about and X3 Rebirth is expected to come out this 2013.

My current ship in X3 Albion Prelude. A USC Katana named USC Rizal

My current ship in X3 Albion Prelude. A USC Katana named USC Rizal

This movie will be coming out in the Philippines on May the 16th, actually a day before the American release. It will be show in cinemas in IMAX Digital 2D and IMAX Digital 3D.

And as spock did say… Live long and prosper.live-long-and-prosper-tee-shirt-cbs114bStarTrekIntoDarkness_Poster

Star Trek Cover