m4mWatsons Men Zone, is a new corner of all Watsons stores nationwide where they have gathered all the grooming and personal care products for men, much like the ones for women. Now, i don’t really see any other point in doing this, but time. IT saves you time but not much, with the time you saved you might be able to text that cute girl you saw the other day, or get more time whether to get a Coke or Pepsi.

Here are some of the things you can get at the new Watsons Men Zone.

Watsons Men Zone Area Shots (2)

Because the Watsons Men Zone is made especially for men, purchases are also duly rewarded with special gifts, freebies, and invites to exclusive events. At Watsons, they not only know what’s best for women, but expanding their expertise to cover what’s best in male grooming maintaining to be a reputable and dependable store of overall health, beauty and wellness.

With the grooming solutions available at the Watsons Men Zone, men can take the reins, be the men they want to be, and in turn, snag the women, life, and career they want. Now, who wouldn’t want that? Today’s men are geared, groomed, and ready to rule the world.

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