Amana Waterpark and Resort.

Located at Santisima ST. Bagong Barrio, 0000 Pandi, Philippines, they are one of the most search for destination in the Philippines. It has now put Pandi, Bulacan on the map. Amana Waterpark and Resort is owned by Mr. Enrico Roque- the man behind Bodega ng Bayan (a widely established appliance store here in the Philippines) and Tampisaw Beach Resort (in Iba, Zambales).

After attending the press-con of Valiente at Pepeton’s. I gone to bulacan to tour the Amana Waterpark and Resort. It was a 1 – 2 hour ride from Pepeton’s Mother Ignacia St, QC. It really depends on how your driving. Also we took the expressway, so that pretty much cut the journey time in half.

Amana is also been the venue for some tv shows in the past few years. Like… Goin’ Bulilit, and Miss Earth for example. And who knows what movies (if there are any) shot there. We would never know..

One of the biggest attraction there is the 13 waves, wave pool. It basically means the wave generator is spitting out 13 different kinds of waves, varying form intensity and shape.


They have alot of new additions coming before or in the middle of the summer. As of the time of my visit, the attractions were still being built or renovated. What i’m looking forward to is the new Zip Line. It’s being made to look like the Empire State Building. And of-course everyone knows the Empire state right?

All of their pools are themed, like; Justice League, The Dragon Ball Z(don’t really know these guys), Shrek, and Madagascar. But those are not the only ones. I’m having hard time remembering all of them actually. So yeah…

Moving on… The price. It’s not going to cost you an arm or a leg to enter the resort. It only cost;

 The prices are not bad, for what you get. It’s kind of a steal haha.

There are some rules and regulations thou’. (Everything does… Haha)

Swimming attire:

Male: Garterized / Cycling shorts, Trunks, White shirt

Female: Bathing suits, Cycling shorts, White shirt

And everything else:
  • Diving is not allowed at the pool area. No back diving off the edge of the pool or any unsafe activities
  • Persons with colds, skin diseases or contagious diseases will not be allowed in the pool.
  • Children must be closely supervised by adults.
  • The lifeguards are responsible for the swimmers in the pool. They have the authority to enforce pool and safety rules on the entire pool premises.
  • Guest may bring in their food, but please use plastic containers or disposable ones. Bringing in of softdrinks, juices and any alcoholic drinks are not allowed (beverages are available inside the resort).
  • Observe proper waste disposal.
  • Pets are not allowed to enter the waterpark.
  • Deadly weapons & sharp objects are strictly prohibited inside the resort.
  • Please take care of your belongings, most specially your slippers and bags.
  • Amanawaterpark does not assume any liability for injury or loss of personal belongings of any guest.

Here is list of the rooms and other amenities there..

 (not sure if this list is updated)

I myself would get a VIP room, as i like it VIP style. And would go there before the sun breaks the night sky. So i can rest after the long driver of there. The roads going to Amana is dark thou… Also the surrounding area. It feels like your isolated from the outside world, which is you are.. Thats the point of going on vacation right? To get disconnected from the all the stress sources of your life.

I reccomend this to anyone looking for a short or long vacation out of town. 🙂