AOC Logo (Art of colors)Ha! You probably didn’t know they had Tablets huh? Well they have had tablets for quite some time but only recently have they brought it to the Philippines. AOC Philippines had brought in for us some exciting and affordable tablets to play with!

AOC Beeze Tablet (4)

These tablets are the AOC breeze tablet G7DC and AOC breeze tablet G8DC. They have a specific model number of MW0731+ for the G7DC and MW0831 for the G8DC. Below is the full specifications for the MW0731+ and MW0831. Before you read it thou, you might get confused by the phrase “ARM Cortex A9 Duo-Core & Quad-core GPU” It basically means it has a dual core processor and quad-core graphics processor. All of this is from the RK3066 chip.

AOC MW0731+ MW0831 Specifications

**Not listed there is the warranty. As usual it’s 1 year limited local warranty.

I do find it surprising that there is not even a very low quality camera on the back. Yes, noAOC Beeze Tablet (10) back camera!  AOC has stopped the tablet photographer blocking the view for other people because of the big honking screen trend! WhewThat was a mouthful. It felt considerably heavier that an iPad Mini. They have plans on bringing in the 3G versions and quite possibly the LTE versions of these things by Q3 – Q4 if it goes well.

I’d be surprised if you didn’t know the AOC brand. They have been making CRT’s and LCD’s ever since i knew how to first use a computer! Anyways they are the most popular display manufacturer in the world, if not just South East Asia.

iPaidLuckily this thing won’t break the bank like the Apple iPad Mini does. The G7DC costs PHP 5,999.00 and the G8DC costs PHP 8,999.00. And they are available at authorized retailers and is distributed by EA Global Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. If you want to know more about the tablet go to their website. Also like them on Facebook if you have their products! Maybe follow them on Twitter to get the (not so) latest updates about AOC products?

AOC Beeze Tablet (8)

AOC Beeze Tablet (2)