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AOC Breeze Tablets now in the Philippine...

Ha! You probably didn’t know they had Tablets huh? Well they have had tablets for quite some time but only recently have they brought it to the Philippines. AOC Philippines had brought in for us some exciting and affordable tablets to play with! These tablets are the AOC breeze tablet G7DC and AOC breeze tablet […]

Probable cause of Truck accidents in the...

On the 4th of April, this year i was going along C-5 when something caught my eye! A truck pulling along a trailer with what seemed like a 20 ft Intermodal container without the proper Umbilical cable connections!               Why are we allowing them to go on our public roads like […]

ECS Z77 Black Extreme Series Boards Put ...

The Golden Limited Edition Z77H2-AX & Z77H2-A2X: Promising Power, Reliability and Class   April 8, 2012, Taipei, Taiwan – Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the world’s top 3 motherboard maker, today reveals their first production of Z77 Black Extreme Series – Golden Limited Edition. Available in two models, Z77H2-AX and Z77H2-A2X, they are the top-of-the-line motherboards […]

HTC One Series Released

HTC One™ Highlighted by an Amazing Camera and Authentic Sound Experience Designed to meet the needs of Pinoy audiophiles and photo buffs   Manila, Philippines – April 13, 2012 – HTC, a global designer of smartphones, unveiled its new HTC One series of smartphones. These gadgets represent HTC’s most premium mobile experience with a new level […]

Sennheiser SC 260 Circle Headset Wins

Top marks for design Sennheiser SC 260 Circle headset wins prestigious red dot design award     Copenhagen, March 2012 – The success of Sennheiser design continues this year with the SC 260 Circle headset. Especially developed / designed for contact center and office environments, this headset recently won one of the highly renowned red […]

Microsoft Flight RELEASED!!!

Microsoft Flight Released today. Microsoft, the guys that brought us the Windows line of Operating Systems and awesome games, has again released a new product. It’s Microsoft Flight. What is Microsoft Flight you say? Microsoft Flight is a simulation game offered Free-To-Play and with players only getting charged for custom content and scenery. It’s is unfortunately […]