Apl.de.apApl.de.ap Filipino-born American rapper, record producer, and occasional drummer who is best known as a member of the Grammy Award-winning group The Black Eyed Peas has set up his own foundation to help the people of his homeland, The Philippines and throughout Asia. The Apl.de.ap Foundation seeks to help the people in need, by providing classrooms and help.

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Also know for being one of the coaches on The Voice of The Philippines, he takes his mentees beyond just coaching with singing, on August 18, Apl invited his mentees from The Voice to his home in Sapang Bato, Pampanga. They visited the students at the Sapang Bato national High School where Apl donated classrooms, a computer laboratory, and a recording and music library. They also met with the students and performed for them.



There is a way you could help them, simply by buying Macaroons! The campaign is called “Macaroons for a Cause”, for every pack of macaroons purchased, which costs Apl.de.ap Foundation (1)P50, P7 goes to the Apl.de.ap Foundation. They estimate in two years the first classroom will be built in Zamboanga, Philippines, that is if they sell 2.4 Million packs of Macaroons.

I haven’t told you where to buy the Macaroons, well they are simply the ones Red Ribbon sells. Every branch should have one, so maybe get one? now? tomorrow?

Their website is still being setup, but you can find them on Facebook, Apl.de.Ap Foundation.

Apl.de.ap Foundation (1)