iDance Philippines (6)There is this new dance studio in Quezon City, and the place looks super swank! they call themselves iDance. Well given i haven’t really been to a dance studio in the past few years, so i have no idea what the others look like, but at least this one is not in a mall, but instead it’s in a penthouse.

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The owner of the iDance is also an owner of a Via Mare, and Aescultura Spa down at ground level, by which i mean ground level is literally at the ground level of the building. iDance is located so, that you conveniently have a place to eat and a place to get pampered after you do… say yoga.

They also give you the option to rent the place out, and maybe even get an instructor with that, but don’t quote me on the instructor part. The price for renting the place out is PHP 1,200.00 but please give them a call or go to their rental page..

The Studio/Dance Floor when they had the Opening Party.

The Studio/Dance Floor when they had the Opening Party.

Features of iDance Studio:
  • 100 sqm worth of usable dance floor.
  • Shock absorbing floating system floor.
  • Complete BOSE® sound system that accepts CD/DVD, DVD, and most likely line in.
  • LCD TV in the lobby for your convenience.
  • Fully Air-Conditioned venue.
  • Clean purified drinking water
  • Dressing rooms with showers (gender separated)
  • Lounge & Lobby area
  • Snack Bar (as of writing, it’s in works)

BOSE LogoI do also think they have building parking, but again don’t quote me on that. But when we visited the front seems to be okay for parking a couple of guests. For more information go to their rental page.

iDance Philippines (4)As of writing this they have the following classes; i-Yoga, Prental Yoga, Zumba, Yeba, and Hiphop. For more information contact them via the information given at the end, or refer to this page.

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About iDance Studio:

i-Dance Studio is the brain child of another dance enthusiast, the muse of Via Mare and Aescultura (among the many businesses they own), Ms. Imelda “Dang” P. Tan. Having the natural knack for business, Ms. Dang successfully put up a franchise of Via Mare and established her own dermatological clinic – Aescultura. Amidst all these, the passion for dancing never waned, and when the opportunity came, she decided to put up a dance studio of her own – a place that she hops to be a venue for health and fitness for people of every age and gender.

iDance Studio:

The Penthouse, Future Point Plaza 3 condominium, 111 Panay Avenue Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines.
+63 2 961-6410
+63 917-822-5798
+63 922-8225-798
[email protected]

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