McDonald's Happy Meal LogoSomething I’m sure reminds you of McDonald’s is the; Logo, Fries, Mascot, and that iconic Happy Meal box. It always comes in a familiar shape, a simple box body a sloped top and the part of the Golden Arches for the handle, usually they come in red with McDonald’s branding but sometimes they are printed with designs of the toy that comes with it. fig.1

McDonald's Happy Meal Designed


I’m not sure when but McDonald’s Philippines stopped giving Happy Meals in those boxes, instead they cheapened out and just gave the toy and meal… no excitement right? As a lad i used to get those boxes with a surprise toy inside, i even have a happy meal toy shaped like the Happy Meal box! I know i have it somewhere but i can’t be bothered digging through my box of memories. ( ah-ha! After some searching i found a picture! fig.2 )

McDonald's mcchef


McDonald's BabyStarting tomorrow ( sep 19, 2013 ) McDonald’s Philippines will be selling Happy Meals in the iconic red box. For ₱ 85 you get the following; Burger McDo, regular drink, regular fries, a featured toy, and all that packed nicely in the iconic McDonald’s Happy Meal Box. ( expect for the drink ) You can also opt for the other packages such as; McSpaghetti, Chicken McDo, and McNuggets.

They have also added breakfast Happy Meals being the 4pc mini hotcakes, and Hamdesal, both of which is served with a choice of a drink. Another thing is select Happy Meals will come with French Fries already part of the package.


These new Happy Meal offers are available in Dine-In, Drive-Thru, and Delivery. Want one for your child? (or yourself) call 8-MCDO ( 8-6896 ) Share your experience on their Official Facebook Page, or send them a tweet at @McDo_PH and use the hashtag #McDoHappyMeal.