logoBounty Fresh added something they call… “The new-generation quick gourmet ulam” this being the Top Torikatsu. It’s Chicken breasts coated with breadcrumbs and injected with either mayonnaise or Cheese and Chives.

They aim this product at the people who lack the time to prepare food themselves, but still want to eat something good. Something like a call center agent perhaps. Based on the ever-popular Japanese breaded chicken cutlet dish, Top Torikatsu is made from the choicest, 100% chicken breasts and is coated with crispy breadcrumbs for that extra crunch and texture. But what makes Top Torikatsu distinct is that it comes in two flavors – Classic and Cheese & Chives. The Top Torikatsu Cheese and ChivesClassic variant is filled with delectable mayonnaise, while the Cheese & Chives variant oozes with savory cream cheese and chives bits. And most important of all, it’s easy to cook; just fry it for three minutes.

They are saying this meal is so east to make, and so tasty that you can probably use it for a date at home… i have no idea what kind of date that is but i might try it… Anyways that’s the idea of the launch campaign for it. Top Top Torikatsu ClassicTorikatsu got the boys from the popular online radio/show ‘ Boy Night Out’; Sam YG, Slick Rick, and Tony Toni, to make a series of videos on ways to pickup girls with the help of Top Torikatsu.

They have already uploaded one to the Official Top Torikatsu Youtube, this one being the one for the ‘sensitive’ guy..

They will be uploading the next one in November, so you could look forward to that.


My opinion? Well it is fast to cook, but i personally cook it for more than thee minutes. The filling is exaggerated in the promotional photos, but everything is exaggerated in promotional photos, just take a look at McDonalds. Overall i would just buy the Cheese and Chives over the Original.

Consider following the Top Torikatsu Facebook Page, and Youtube channel.