I am a meticulous person and I always put first functionality before style. There are some things are pretty to look at but in the end very useless. I hate bags that are bulky and heavy even it is still empty. Just imagine like a bowling ball bag so bulky and have and once you put in your stuff in with much heavier as ever.

Have bags can cause us shoulder and back ache to any person in a long run. I heard of this brand of bag that is very lightweight and transform to a different style of bag. Where can you find a bag that can convert often to a much bigger bag so you can put larger stuff in it?

Parachute Convertible Bag is here and making functionality a meaning. They say it is also water resistant. Good timing for our rainy season that other bags usually get soaked. Parachute Convertible Bag can accommodate large things but one advice from me do not put heavy stuff or the bag will give in.

Parachute Convertible Bag is very convenient when you need a bag to put stuff unexpectedly during your travel. One of my favorite is the Parachute Convertible Bag – Messenger Bag to a backpack. I can go out and alternately go out in a messenger bag and the other day using the backpack.

Parachute convertible Bag messenger bag


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