This is the first time my son JC got to stroll around Eastwood CityWalk I never expected there are lots of restaurant and stores in the area. When JC finally decided that we head on Razon’s of Guagua because he heard from my sister they had the best Halo-Halo in town. I asked JC what’s special with their halo-halo from the rest that make them so unique. He just told me that it’s recommended to try it out for ourselves and know why.

As family of foodies we tend to dicover great food and great places to eat that the whole family and friends can enjoy. So we checked out the other dishes that Razon’s of Guagua have to offer with our curious taste buds.

First we tried their Chicharon not with vinegar but with atsara. At first we kinda hesitate to try it we all know atshara is for “pangalis ng umay” with the food. But to our amaze that chicharon with atsara was so good that my son wanted more atsara. We love the compliment of the mild salty of chicharon and the mild sweet / sour of the atsara that our palate enjoyed tasting.

For main course we had Dinuguan with Puto, Pansit LugLug, Sizzling Sisig, Chicken/Pork Asado, Sizzling Bulalo, Lechon Kawali, ArrozCaldo. Your going to forget your diet once you get to taste Razon’s of Guagua have to offer.

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For desert we had the Silvanas, Ensaymada bites and the famous Halo-Halo they are talking about.  Not like the other Halo-Halo I had before this one we could call it the ice is so silky and smooth. It’s like snow melting in your mouth that you can savor the richness of their Halo-Halo.  Me and my son would love to have a second round of Halo-Halo but we were so full that we had a hard time standing up.

Our personal best dish we both love is the Chicharon with atsara, Sizzling Sisig and of course the Halo-Halo. Don’t worry the prices is so reasonable for a great filipino comfort food. We are longing to go back at Razon’s of Guagua its like we are addicted to it. Good thing that they have a branch near our place we can drop by anytime. So if you didn’t yet get dine in at Razon’s of Guagua well this is the great time to try it out and taste it for yourself.




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