Soyami “Snacking withou the Guilt” : Have you ever had the urge to eat some crunchy snacks? Of course those ordinary bags of chips and snacks you get are obviously not healthy. But now there is a snack food that is healthy and tasty. It’s the Soyami Soya Chips Made by the company Soyami.

The thing with the Soyami Soya Chips, is that it’s healthy. It’s made from Real Soya and it has No MSG. Those are the best things about it, but maybe the most interesting factor about it is that it’s delicious!!! Let me tell you that off the bat. I have tried and eating it, and i love it.

 It comes in 3 amazing flavors


“Enjoy the Original flavor that satisfies your cravings for chips. It’s tasty, crunchy and naturally delicious! A total guilt-free snack! The perfect healthier alternative!”

White Cheddar:

“Every Soyami Soya Chip is not just sharply flavored with all natural White Cheddar but it’s also power packed with protein and calcium for ultimate snacking satisfaction. Deliciously healthy snack that will make you crave for more!”


“Have a taste of pizza in every light and crunchy bite with no guilt. Satisfies not just your tummy but your health too. The Soyami Soya Chips that is definitely rich in protein with 0% transfat. These will absolutely delight all pizza lovers everywhere!”

It’s actually so good, that major(local) celebrities love it.

Marc Nelson

TV Host, Health Enthusiast, Activist

“My weakness is the crunch you get when you bite into crispy foods.That’s why I love Soyami so much, I get a tasty chip that crunches so well, without any of the guilt of regular chips.”

Aubrey Miles

Model and actress

“I tried Soyami Soya Chips OMG! This is so perfect for me ‘coz I’m a sucker for chips and now I don’t have to feel guilty.”

“I’m a sucker for chips, I think I eat chips almost everyday. When I tried Soyami Soya Chips, gosh! That’s it! Love their pizza flavor!”


Troy Montero

Former model and actor, President/CEO of welovepost

“I really love the taste of the Soyami Soy Chips. So I brought a few bags to my office for my guys to try. We all work long hours and love to snack. The soyami chips disappeared in a matter of minutes! Finally, a healthy snack that taste great too. Thank you!”

What is the difference on with Soya?

Soy is one of the greatest vegetables known to mankind. Soy helps you keep strong and healthy bones for your body. It helps keep a healthy strong and beating heart. Soy is a great way to prevent the attack of cancer. Soy also alleviates menopausal symptoms.

Soybeans consist of high amounts of protein. It contains all essential amino acids. They are also rich in many other healthy fats, minerals and vitamins such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, B-vitamins, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids.

Soy and Soymilk are great for fighting against high cholesterol levels. It lowers your bad cholesterol and increases the good kind. Soy can prevent the start of heart disease. Soy also reduces the amount of triglycerides in your body.

Almost all soy products are high in calcium, which helps you keep strong bones in your body.  It also contains 2 co-factors of calcium. These 2 supplements are magnesium and boron. Soy products also contain isoflavones. These can prevent the destruction of bones in our bodies. Soy is also a great food to prevent osteoporosis or even benefit you if you already have it. Soy also increases mineral density inside your bones that can limit your chances of broken bones or fractures.

Soy is a great way to stop the risk of cancer in your body. This specifies the prevention of breast cancer and prostate cancer. Soy is an amazing support for prostate cancer. It also reduces the chance of breast cancer (especially ladies). Soy will overall stop cancer, and may reduce the harmful effects of it.

Believe it or not, but tofu is actually a type of soy and I know a handful of people that say they would rather throw up than eat tofu. I bet you’ve never seen a vegetable with blessed powers of fighting cancer in women. Frequent use of tofu may prevent chances of breast, colon, and ovarian cancer.  It does this (using “genistein” found in tofu) by decreasing the amount of bad estrogen in these organs. Tofu is a very high source of calcium.

Soy can be easily consumed as soy nuts, soymilk, soybeans and what not. Take maybe ½ a serving of a tofu product or add tofu to your stir-fry daily. Make sure one of all the glasses of milk you take is soymilk. Other products like soy yogurt and soy cheese are great for snacks throughout the day. Never leave away the benefits of soy!


 What exactly are the benefits of Soya?

One of the main benefits of choosing soy chips for snack time has already been stated – lower fat and calorie content. When you have less fat and calorie intake, it promotes weight loss, or helps maintain your present weight. Obesity is now being considered an epidemic in some places, and adding soy to our diets can help control this growing problem.

Adding soy to a diet can also be beneficial to our cardiovascular systems, as well as help lower bad cholesterol levels. Menopausal women add soy to their diets to help relieve or even eliminate troublesome symptoms. It helps promote healthy skin, bones, and joints, and can help prevent certain types of cancer. Men consume soy products to help promote a healthy prostate. Other health benefits of adding soy to our diets include : help eliminate insomnia, help boost energy levels and eliminate fatigue, help with problems associated with menstruation.

Incorporating soy into our diets is the first step to healthier living.

Benefits of Soya:

  • Weight Loss
  • High Protein Content
  • Management of Diabetes
  • Healthy Bones
  • Calcium
  • Protein
  • High fiber

Helps prevents the following:

  • Bones:  (Osteoporosis)
  • Cancer Prevention
    • Reduces the risk of Prostate Cancer
    • Breast Cancer
    • ColonCancer
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure
  • Reduces Menopause Symptoms
  • Child Obesity
  • Hair Loss
  • Increased healing of the wounds
  • Protects again Alzheimer’s

 Final thoughts:

 The Soyami Soya Chips, is the most nutritious packaged snack food i know about, it’s made from real Soya, and it has no MSG. You know that nasty stuff? MSG!!! Urg, i hate that. Anyways guys and gals, you should try out the Soyami Soya Chips, no matter what. Remember, if you want to snack without the guilt, choose Soyami.

 OH!!! I also forgot to add in… I like the Pizza Flavor 😉

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