Your ticket to a healthy lifestyle with Soyami and Fitness First


Have you ever wanted to stay in shape but don’t know what gym or Fitness club to  join? Well your in luck, cause Soyami in partnership with Fitness First is giving away a 3 day free pass, when you buy a Trial pack of Soyami Soya Chips.


It feels so good when our body is fit and healthy. It can handle every stress that will come our way.  But, how can we achieve a healthy and fit body? The secret is very simple and easy to follow. All it takes is to have a regular exercise and a proper diet.  Let Soyami and Fitness first lead your way to a great and healthy life.

Our body needs nutrients to be healthy. Proper nutrition involves supplying the body with the right nutrients that it needed to achieve it. In order to do that, we need to eat the proper foods, minerals and vitamins. Soyami (“Soyami snack healthy with soyami, so healthy so young”) can provide the nutrients that our body needed to make it fit.  Their wide range of Soyami products that are made from 100% Soya (Soyami Chips, Soya Sticks, and PutoSeko) are packed with full of nutrients that will surely help maintain both our physical and mental well-being. Since Soyami products are made from pure Soya, expect that you can only get the “best nutrients” that Soya has to offer to our body.

Furthermore, maintaining a proper diet is still not enough to make sure that our body is fit and healthy. Physical exercise plays a big important part in keeping the body fit and Fitness First can provide and educate people the right exercise to achieve their goal to become fit. As what their tagline says “Make the World a Fitter Place”, Fitness First is committed to achieving every individual fitness and health goals.  They inspire everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle.

It takes more than eating the proper food and doing the right exercise to feel fit and fab!  So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to stay healthy and fit with Soyami and Fitness First – Your Powerful Tandem to a healthy lifestyle.

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