sangobion-capsuleI may not have as much Estrogen as like in full-blown women, but i have been told on what’s like and what problems they have, by my “partner in crime“. We all know what people need vitamins and minerals to function right? I mean who doesn’t?

Well among women and children, iron deficiency anemia is said to be the most common nutritional disorder in the world. Out of five adult women, three are prone to iron deficiency, although they may not necessarily be aware of their body’s iron shortage.

Iron is a necessary element for optimal health. It is needed to replace blood loss duringSangobion menstrual cycles, cure bouts of dizziness caused by anemia, correct weariness and fatigue, help gain more focus & concentration, and aid in periods of gestation, lactation, pregnancy, and such periods that surround childbirth. It is also required for the normal functioning of the immune system.

chocolateYou could easily supply yourself with iron by eating any of the following… Mollusks, Liver, Nuts, Beef and Lamb,  Dark Chocolate, and Tofu. There are too many to list, but what if you are always in a hurry and only eat Cup noodles? Then take Sangobion! (I don’t recommend you only eat cup noodles thou’)

These days, women play multiple roles – Says Giselle Sanchez

Sangobion got long time user of Sangobion, comedian, and mother of two, Giselle SanchezImage 3 to be the talent in a one-woman show called ‘Salaminkera’ Where she will talk about the hard known facts and problems women face in this modern-day of age. It will be held on the 9th of June, 2013 at the Lower Ground Level, Building A of SM Megamall.

EDIT: I forgot to say! The show is Open to the public so that means you just have to simply… show up! If you’re going, how about give me a shout out on the comments, so i know who to look for? Haha.

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