isla gas studiesIsla LPG Corporation the company behind Solane ( former Shellane ) released a new safety cap and seal for the A/S valves used on some of their LPG tanks ( including the common 11kg model )

The new safety cap and seal exemplify Solane’s commitment to innovation and safety. It is a service that we are committed to provide to our customers to ensure their safety and protection while using LPG at home or at work. – Ramon Del Rosario | Solane’s Chief Operations Officer

The new Solane safety cap and seal gives alot of benefits compared to its predecessor. Here are most if not all.

Solane safety cap and seal, and what are the advantages?

The safety cap and seal

Solane safety cap and seal (5)The bright orange safety cap and seal is made of high quality plastic which when plugged in will prevent any gas from leaking into the atmosphere and possibly causing a catastrophic fire or worse an explosion of the tank, quite possible killing any living entity surround it.

It is also partially reusable to reseal the valve for storage or for whatever other reason you have for removing the regulator.

The authenticity tab

Solane safety cap and seal (6)Other than sealing the tank, it also provides a means of checking the authenticity of the tank. A tab on the Solane safety cap and seal has a serial number printed on it, this serial number can be checked online for authenticity. With this serial number tab you can be 100% sure that your Solane LPG tank is filled properly and legally by Solane. Illegal LPG tank filling could result in disaster.

Simply go to the Solane Facebook page and look for the app called “Solane Tank Checker” Although I do have a problem with this system of checking the serial number, it’s only available through Facebook, and not everyone uses Facebook! I know a few friends of mine that absolutely hate Facebook and refuses to use it. I’d like to see this ‘app’ added to their website

Solane safety cap and seal (7)


Well first and foremost is the fact that it now includes a serial number to verify that it is indeed an authentic LPG tank filled by Solane. The Solane safety cap and seal is improved from its predecessor so you can be sure that it’s not going to make your house explode into a thousand of pieces. The Solane safety cap and seal also embossed Solane logo and ‘Flame girl’ on it, so if you want additional assurance you can look for em’.

I personally bought two LPG gas leak alarms and installed one where we store our tanks and the other near the stove. It could save your bacon ( literally ) in the event of an unfortunate leak.