One of the top that influence me to blog is my mom at first I don’t get what about blogging but when I tag along with my mom and see what’s blogging. First I still not convinced but when my mom assigned me to be the tech person about her hosting and stuff I got hooked and wanted to create my own blog.

Now this coming September 29, 2012 will be recognizing the The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012 that will be held at SMX Convention Center.

Here are the 10 my personal nomination.

  • – This blog try to show that being a solo parent doesn’t stop there. Showing that being a solo mom is a super mom that being a versatile and strong-willed. Reaching out to solo parent out there and trying for its readers endless possibilities.

  •  – a blog that is striving for self-expression that even he is a home school he can still have this personality the people be amazed. Even a teenager he has a very mature outlook in life and try to show other teenagers not stop in dreaming.

  • – I met the person behind this blog and I could say his a nice guy and full of energy. He talks about anything and everything with full of excitement.

  • – this woman is full of vitality and showing that everyone can be beautiful in their own special way. 

  • – MAG of My Life was actually an acronym for Marco, Anarc, and Gelo, her family but later on as she gets invited to events more of her writings were inclining to entertainment

  • – a very close friend he always up-to-date events and products. 

  • – want to know the latest groove this is the site where always updated in music industry. 

If you have a blog in mind and want to nominatee you can see more details here :


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