Picking the top five car brands of all time wasn’t going to be an easy feat. Naturally, a best of or top five list always creates controversy and a heated debate over the dinner table, luckily, I’m behind a computer and there’s no bowl of peas (unless they are virtual) that anyone can throw across the table mid argument. So in saying that, what makes a good car brand? Is it the all-round reliability ? Innovativeness? Design? Technology? Safety? Power? Efficiency? Most of these thing really. We looked at brands who consistently deliver all of these features without fail, year in, year out. So without further a-do here are the top five car brands of all time.


VolkswagenVolkswagen makes cars that change the world. The Beetle is one of the most recognisable vehicles of its kind kicking the Ford Model T off its perch for the world’s best-selling car in 1972 (a title held by Ford since the 1920’s). These days it’s the VW Golf that reigns as their most popular ride with over 26 million sold since 1972. They are famous for providing the consumer with what they want – zippy cars that have plenty of space and creature comforts.


Jaguar_2012_logoJaguar’s history has always been questionable in the reliability department, but since their takeover by Tata, we’ve seen Jaguar go from being the kitty cat of the automotive industry to producing some of their best models yet. The Jaguar F-Type made its debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show and is poised at Jaguars most dynamic model to date.


mercedes-benz-logo-2011Mercedes set the standard for sophistication and luxury providing the most reliable cars in their price range. There’s a definitive reason why Mercedes have nearly made it to the century mark and it all comes down to the fact that they make customer values, innovation and quality as their top priorities. They are like the little black dress of the car industry, their designs never go out of style and you can rest assured you’ll always look good driving in one of these bad boys.


audi-cars-logo-emblemTechnically Audi are part of the Volkswagen group, but that doesn’t mean this subsidiary doesn’t make great cars. Audi dominate the luxury sports car and are famous for producing cars that follow the philosophy innovation through technology. Their R8 model ranks a 9/10 on the Top Gear scale and is their fastest car manufactured that has the ability to drive in six inches of snow. See, you can still be stylish in the winter.


bmwBMW is undoubtedly one of the more respected names amongst luxury car lovers and is the vehicle of choice for every young rich girls sweet sixteen. Besides that little fact, BMW are brilliant at crafting revolutionary cars that have an exceptional level of comfort. They are also one of the more affordable in its range and have coveted a number of awards for reliability, design and on-road performance.

Have your say. What car brands would make your top five?