VIZIO BAR LogoVizio Bar, an elevated nightclub experience, infuses energy and style with a splash of sophistication and random acts of sexiness. Vizio’s trendsetting design includes intense video features, an array of sophisticated LED lights and a boisterous sound system that will bring nightclub to the next level of entertainment, launching in for an electronic music and nightlife.


Vizio Bar’s official grand opening party will take place- on Saturday, December 28, 2013 a VIZIO BAR PHILIPPINES (2)the niqhtltfe-rtch district of Ouezon City, Tomas Morato corner Scout Castor, 3rd Floor Kojak Building. The super club combines a bohemian style bar and includes an ultra-modern dance floor complete with state-of-the-art audio and visual enhancements, breathtaking intelligent lighting, numerous projection options, plus stunning, high luminum
LED displays. Vizio Bar also hosts 2 VIP lounge. It is also an ideal venue for private parties, corporate events, products launches, fashion shows, and photo shoots. Event design, production and staffing, specialty linens; floral services, and in-house catering are available.Vizio Bar offers a variety of talented and exhilarating
performers that will ignite the people’s desire for a bar experience. It also aims to provide a unique entertainment to people and a place for socialization. Performances that will keep up the crowd up beat and energized. Breaking the common genre of traditional bar through intensified acts and unpredictable programs The “MANAGEMENT TEAM” of Vizio is known to be successful in the business field. Aside from the commonality of being a businessman, they are also fond of going to different bars and restaurants. So they
decided to manage an establishment where they can always meet and enjoy, a “BAR BUSINESS”.

At Vizio Bar we pride ourselves in providing guests with incomparable and unforgettable experiences. Food at Vizio Bar aims to equally delight and surprise the senses of taste and smell, and is an integral pillar of the overall Vizio Bar experience. In an atmosphere where love, creativity and freedom rule, Vizio Bar delivers yet another element to round out your amazing evening with us: our handcrafted specialty cocktails, classic local favorites, and an expertly selected wine list. Our bartenders have one, and only one, mission: surprise our
guests with unexpected combinations and refresh their spirits.Vizio Bar is a restaurant, cocktail bar, club, and a bar all rolled into one. Operations Manager Ferdinand S. Garzon explains, “Every single visit to Vizio Bar is a unique experience. Whether it’s the food, music, performances, music, personnel or guests themselves, at Vizio Bar everything revolves around stimulating your senses and releasing your creativity.”

Have fun, eat, listen, dance and enjoy your evening. Nothing is obligatory. Everything’s possible. Be yourself and anything can happen to you, at Vizio Bar!”

VIZIO Bar Philippines
Address: 3rd Floor Kojack Building, Tomas Morato corner Scout Castor
Operating Hours: 8:00 PM –  6:00 AM, Mondays to Sunday