P1020569The leader of the girl group ‘April Kiss’, Soomin partnered up with Crispi Crunch from Korean to make Soomin’s new album “Way To Go, Father” This is Soomin’s first attempt to become a Solo artist, she trained two years for this. Soomin’s album “Way To Go, Father” includes a single of the same name.


I’m so exited for this upcoming single and album and I am thrilled that it will be released not just in Korea but in other Asian countries as well like the Philippines. – Soomin

Aside from being a singer, Soomin is also a supermodel and actress in Korea. She recently singed to apprea in a moved called, “Target (2014)” and also under discussions in appearing in several Korean dramas. Soomin also has an endorsement deal for DJ Jean in Thailand.