Summer is approaching fast, and soon will be soon knocking at our door steps! And with banana boat logo1summer, it brings inherent health dangers ranging from dehydration, sunburn, injuries, etc. But there is a way for to prevent one of those, but some or most Filipino’s don’t know that or might have been using the wrong techniques or products for preventing those. In particular Skin Protection.. You can get Skin Cancer from extended exposure to the sun… just in case you didn’t know just about a minute ago..


Well Banana Boat Philippines is looking into promoting proper skin care and bringing the family together at the same time with the “Great Outdoor Fun with Banana Boat” on the 17th of march from 9:00AM to 5:00PM at Quezon City Memorial Circle. The entire areaIMG_9468 (which is by the way 22ha) is going to be a giant playground for kids and families. There you can go on rides like a paddle boat, bumper cars, bikes, and a zipline. Or perhaps you want to get more physical? then you can join the ‘Futkal’ “Futbol sa Kalye” (Which literally translates to Street Football) There are also other activities that i won’t go into detail since they are just really minor activities you may or may not be interested in.


There is however a activity stub you will have? to pay for in order to access the area? (Not exactly sure if they entire circle is closed to the Public for the entirety of the day) The fee isIMG_9424 PhP 250.00 which is good for about 4 persons. That Php 250.00 already includes the following…

  • Four Banana Boat Sunblock sachets
  • Free Kite Making & Futkal activity
  • Free Photo at any Photobooth
  • Raffle entry (not sure if for each or just once for the whole group)
  • And apparently the ability to join Stage Games
  • Free rides: 2 Paddle boats, 4 Bike Rentals, 1 Zipline, Entrance for 4 to the Circle of Fun, and 4 rides on either the Carousel, or Bump Car (or both… not exactly sure)

Banana Boat will welcome the much anticipated summer season on March 17 and we invite families and barkadas to spend that fun-filled day with us. -Banana Boat Senior Brand Manager Claire Guevarra.

We promise that there will be plenty of exciting activities and good times in store for the entire family.  Claire Guevarra adds

With their core products of Banana Boat Ultra Protect SPF-50 and Banana Boat Ultra Protect SPF-80, the brand doesn’t only aim to protect, it also offers an invigorating dose of Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and Vitamin E which takes extra care of the skin. Formulated with its patented AvoTriplex Technology, Banana Boat Sun Screen Lotions makes use of a three-way approach against sunburn using its advanced UVB protection and against long term skin damage with its improved UVA protection which lasts longer than ordinary solutions.

IMAG0248Their line of sunscreen lotions also includes the Banana Boat Sport SPF-50 and SPF-110, designed for active users because of its non-greasy, sweat and water resistant protection. The Banana Boat Kids SPF-50, on the other hand, ensures a mild and gentle, tear free protection.

So i encourage you guys to come, but maybe come early or park somewhere else cause parking is going to be a living NIGHTMARE! (Well atleast that is what i’m expecting)