Enjoy Philippines, Added some goodies for the current and to be member of their service.

In case you’re not familiar with Enjoy Philippines, they are the largest provider of discounts and coupons in the Philippines” that provides over Php 350,000 in everyday savings, and freebies. Anyways, they have recently added more merchants to their offerings with the release of their 2013 Mid-Year booklet..

Here below are the photos of the merchants added…


There is honestly nothing much to say, so just remember to Enjoy the discounts and freebies from Enjoy. Failed on making a connection huh? Oh well..

Corporate Enjoy Kit

Enjoy Logo - For Dark BG-01-01

To learn more about Enjoy Philippines, call their hotline (02) 478.8888; visit their site . You may also like Enjoy on Facebook and follow them up on Twitter.