Gerry's Grill Philippines LogoGerry’s Grill Lucky Chinatown Mall is now Grilling! They are on the 3nd floor of the Lucky Chinatown Mall, at the former location of ‘Kusina ng Gerry’s’

Gerry's Grill Lucky Chinatown Mall Opening (5)

It’s either ‘Kusina ng Gerry’s’ didn’t really click or really clicked, and they just decided to transform it into a fully pledged Gerry’s Grill branch. They haven’t really changed it much it seems, so it would be very familiar if you ate there before. The branch is so new it’s not even on the Gerry’s Grill website.

Gerry's Grill Lucky Chinatown Mall Opening (4)

One thing i hate about that branch is the location, it’s an absolute pain to get there from the Ortigas area, just traffic jams upon traffic jams! But then it’s supposed to service the area nearby. I have no idea how bad the traffic is in the area coming from another direction, but the parking space is ample in the mall so it should be okay.

Gerry’s Grill Lucky Chinatown Mall:
3rd floor, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Reina Regente St. corner Dela Reina St., Binondo, Manila.
Telephone: TBA