Jollibee LogoTo celebrate Jollibee’s 35 years, they are going to give away 35 bucket treats each week starting September 29, 2013 till October 27, 2013. What you need to do to join the wonderful promo is buy a bucket meal, take a photo with your family, and send that photo over to Jollibee. You have until 11:59PM of October 27, 2013 to send over your entries, anything after that will be ignored.


It’s called the ‘Jollibee Chickenjoy Best Family Bonding Moments‘ and if you’re one of the lucky winners they would give you a bucket treat/meal consisting of an 8-pc Chickenjoy Bucket, 4 Rice, 4 Peach Mango Pie and 4 Regular Drinks worth Php 1,178.00.

Jollibee Chickenjoy Best Family Bonding Moments (2)

Right now the current hype is all over the Thor themed bucket treats, so why not grab one today?

Here is the watered down mechanics of the promo for your convenience:
  1. The promo is open to all interested participants (male or female, at least 18 years of age at the time of promo registration, residing within Philippine territory) who have registered to participate in the promo. To qualify, participants should visit the Jollibee Promo Website (, register to create an account and send their photo entry/ies to the Promo within the promo duration.
  1. Participants will be asked to register to the promo only once. They must register in order to submit their photo entries:
    Complete Name (First and Last Name)
    Mailing Address
    Contact Number (Mobile and/or Landline)
    Valid E-mail address
    Jollibee Branch nearest to the Mailing Address of the participant
  1. From 12:00AM of September 29, 2013 to 11:59PM of October 27 2013, participants may upload their photos. Photo must show the participant and his/her family eating a bucket of Jollibee Chickenjoy. In case a participant submits a photo with a minor (17 years old and below), he/she should be the parent or the legal guardian of the minor.
  1. Digitally enhanced and/or altered photo entries are automatically disqualified from the contest.
  1. Photo Entries should be in JPEG or PNG format and file size not bigger than 3MB. In case any entry contains corrupted files, the participant will be informed via email to re-send/upload their entry. The re-sent photo entry must be received before the deadline of weekly submission of entries every Sunday starting on October 6, 2013 to October 27, 2013 at 11:59PM; otherwise, the same shall not be considered.
  1. Each unique photo entry submitted is equivalent to an entry. Only registered participants shall earn a valid entry by submitting a photo entry within the promo period. There is no limit as to the number of times that a participant may submit photo entries, but may only win once for the whole promo period.
  1. All participants will be required to agree to the Terms and Conditions specified on the Jollibee microsite, and will be made to declare that they are the rightful owners of the photo entries that they have submitted and that they did not copy/use the photo of another person. The registered participant warrants that all 3rd party individuals included in his/ her photo submissions are with their consent. If any complaint is issued against a photo, that specific entry is automatically disqualified. Jollibee Foods Corporation and its agencies shall not be liable for the participant’s failure to secure approval or consent.
  1. All approved photo entries received within the promo period will be posted on the Gallery page of the Jollibee Chickenjoy Best Family Bonding Moments Promo Website as part of a mosaic image.
  2. For more information and detailed mechanics go to the Jollibee microsite and click on the “Mechanics” tab on the bottom.