I’ve got a problem and you may or may not be familiar with it. It’s my wallet filling up with loyalty cards, ID’s, and everything else in between. Fortunately enough I’m not the kind of person that loses these little buggers that easily, I’m not saying that I will never lose these cards and booklets … it will happen eventually! It also adds a considerable amount of weight to my wallet too. I’ve heard of an app called perxclub, and below is how it started.

Well a couple of chaps that went for a trip abroad noticed how popular QR codes are for for enhancing the stores promos and loyalty program by giving them a faster and easier way access them. This sparked an idea. So they thought, why not bring this kind of rewards applications to the Philippines? Why not introduce something similar but with a twist and let the Filipinos experience the same type of convenience?


And that is how perxclub came about.

Perxclub is a digital customer rewards mobile app that puts all your loyalty cards into one easy to use app. I would call it ‘moving to the cloud’. It works by collecting ‘perxtamps’ which is given to you every time you purchase something for a merchant store. And just like the loyalty cards and booklets you used to have, the more ‘perxtamps’ you have the more and/or better freebies you can claim for FREE. And if you ever lose your phone *knock on wood* you can just download the perxclub app sign in and you’re ready to go cause all your stamps is still there.



The app is available for download on the Apple app store right now, and the Android version should be out in a couple of months but I have yet to see it. You have two options after downloading the app, it’s either you sign in with your Facebook account or you register using a valid E-mail address. You only need to register once; cause at perxclub one registrations automatically covers all the merchants and establishments. No more having to fill up multiple forms. If you want the full list of merchants and establishments go to www.perxclub.com



Download it now and start experiencing the ‘perx’ of life.