Strife SealThe creators of the ever so popular HON (Heroes of Newerth), S2 Games is set to release a new second generation MOBA in early 2014 with closed Beta this Fall. With six years of experience under their name, they are sure to release a breathtaking MOBA to challenge the competitors!

Our philosophy at S2 Games for Strife is to create a MOBA utilizing clean sheet design that will appeal to a mainstream audience.


I don’t play MOBA’s all that much, i don’t play DOTA but I do play SC and SC2. And by the looks of the Alpha game footage they showed us at the press conference it does look like Strife will be a game that I will be playing for some time. Especially by the fact that you get a payout even if you don’t get the last strike! Below is features to expect from Strife…

  • Compete with Enemies, not Teammates – Collaborative gameplay design eliminates battles over resources.designated roles, and player experience issues.
  • Fostering Community – Innovative social systems have been created based on a
    philosophical design goal of creating a truly collaborative, self-regulating
  • Evolving the Genre – Customizable progression lets players advance in the areas
    they choose. Select crafted items that suit in-game skills, while pets provide
    additional customization to complement the heroes’ abilities. Progression is
    earned, not purchased.
  • Deep, Robust Lore – Strife has a rich backstory of each hero’s personal journey.
  • Enjoy your Role – No player should feel relegated to sacrificial roles.With visual
    clarity in team fights and out of combat regeneration, the game is designed so
    everyone can be active and fight longer.



The game will be available for PC, Linux, and… Mac, with a maximum of 10 players per game with the option to replace humans with robots.

I think it’s quite early with the development to really say what the quality of the game will be, so we shall wait till Closed Beta. Speaking of Closed Beta, i will give way 4 slots to the Closed Beat if i get at least 6 comments on this post.

You can find more information at, to get faster updates you might want to like the Facebook Page.