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The foundation with Red Ribbon Bakeshop has come up with a dance craze to promote the Foundation ‘s ‘Macaroons for a cause’. being the singer and dancer he is, can’t possibly go about not making a song or dance for his cause right? Ofcourse not! So here is a ‘dance craze’ made to […]

Jolibee Choice Ko Yum Awards 2013

Jolibee Choice Ko Yum Awards 2013

Starting this September 24 to October 24, 2013 Jolibee and Myx Philippines highlight the choices of the youth from fashion to youth icons by letting Filipino citizens, ages thirteen (13) to thirty-five (35) years old, actually residing in the Philippines to cast their choices or votes among their favorites based on 2 categories: Lifestyle and […]

Top Torikatsu from Bounty Fresh, the new...

Bounty Fresh added something they call… “The new-generation quick gourmet ulam” this being the Top Torikatsu. It’s Chicken breasts coated with breadcrumbs and injected with either mayonnaise or Cheese and Chives. They aim this product at the people who lack the time to prepare food themselves, but still want to eat something good. Something like […]

Gerry’s Grill Lucky Chinatown Mall, NOW

Gerry’s Grill Lucky Chinatown Mall is now Grilling! They are on the 3nd floor of the Lucky Chinatown Mall, at the former location of ‘Kusina ng Gerry’s’ It’s either ‘Kusina ng Gerry’s’ didn’t really click or really clicked, and they just decided to transform it into a fully pledged Gerry’s Grill branch. They haven’t really changed […]

Amici PH is soon celebrating it’s annive

Amici a restaurant that started out as a cafeteria in Don Bosco Makati has now grown beyond its walls and is celebrating its 12th* anniversary on the 27th of June, 2013. Just quick overview of who they are, Amici is an Italian themed restaurant that serves pizza, pasta, gelato, and generally very Italian food! I won’t get into much detail of who they […]

Daniel Padilla & Karla Estrada For Lily’

64 Years into the Peanut Butter making scene Lily’s Peanut butter has now got two of some of the most popular personalities on Philippine television. Daniel Padilla and mother Karla Estrada making a mother and son tandem to be brand endorsers  for the company’s products. This new campaign focuses on the experience of love that can’t […]

Black Canyon Coffee Opens it’s second br

Black Canyon Coffee Philippines with its successful branch at SM South Mall, have now deemed it necessary to expand. So here comes the second branch locally and 50th international branch at Tuscany, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City. Founder and CEO Mr. Pravit Chitnarapong was there along with other Black Canyon Coffee executives. It is my most sincere appreciation to […]

Shake it up with the Jack ‘n Jill Shake

  Jack ‘n Jill owned by Universal Robina Corporation (URC) released a new snack into the food chain… the Jack ‘n Jill Shake and Roll.. It’s a chip snack that comes in technically… three bags, one for the chips, one for the flavoring, and one that contains the two of them together. I’m in no way […]